Coed Junior High Cross Country · Pickerill Wins! Leads JH Harriers to Victory at Sheridan Invitational; Milks, Dineen Lead Girls Team to 3rd Place

The Knights displayed excellent racing at their debut 2019 contest, the Sheridan Invitational.  In the boys race, veteran harriers Kipp Pickerill (11:44), John Rafacz (11:50) and Andrew Friel (11:50) led the Knights to victory, as they finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall, in a race field of 69 runners. John’s 2019 debut resulted in a career PR improvement of 18 seconds! Veterans Gavin Boutelle and team captain Max Siemers raced strong, finishing 8th and 12th; helping to deliver a Knights team victory! Impressive performances all around, as 9 of the top 20 medal winners were Knights. Additionally, excellent debut performances by 7 new runners this season: Anthony Monrraga, Cayden Myers, Anthony Korchnak, Angel Gomez, Benjamin Zamora, Colin Carpenter and Aidan Meyer. These new harriers posted debut times well over 60 seconds faster than their time trials only a week prior. Very exciting, impressive running by the Knights!

Team score: 1. Central Catholic JH (26 pts) 2. Western Boone JH (42 pts) 3. Clinton Central JH (80 pts) 4. Wisdom Builders JH (115 pts) 5. Alexandria-Monroe JH (130 pts) 6. Sheridan MS (145 pts).

In the girls race, veterans Emily Milks (13:58) and team captain Shannon Dineen (14:21) led the Knights to a 3rd place podium spot, as they finished 3rd and 5th overall, in a race field of 43 runners. Veteran Osiris Macias turned in a great performance, placing 11th and third Knight across the line. Exciting to watch Lia Penn, new 6th grade harrier hailing from St Lawrence, with a super debut run, bringing in a 15th place medal and fourth Knight across the line! Great running by veteran Eleanor Carpenter, with a 2019 debut performance that resulted in a career PR improvement of 30 sec! New runner Malia Radcliffe is off to a great start, with a 16:31 performance, 90 seconds faster than her time trial a week earlier. Super racing by the Knights!

Team score: 1. Western Boone JH (39 pts) 2. Alexandria-Monroe JH (53 pts) 3. Central Catholic JH (56 pts) 4. Clinton Central JH (74 pts).

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