Girls Junior Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer · Lady Knights defuse Bombers 6-1 to finish undefeated in the Conference

CC traveled to Rensselaer for the Bombers Senior Day and season ending conference matchup. Rensselaer was seeking redemption after having to play out of the losers’ bracket in the past weekend’s tourney. CC was riding high as Hoosier Conference Champions and entered with 6-0 record vs conference competition. Game time included temps under 40 degrees, snow flurries and FIFA World Cup introductions including 22 youth escorts for both starting eleven. The Knights would pressure early with their 6 seniors facing only 3 for the Bombers. Strong outside possession would be rewarded as Pannell drilled a shot that ricocheted off Bomber defender inside near post to get 1-0 lead for CC only 4 minutes into the match.  Four minutes later, Pannell and Bobillo would get Gerrety the ball in the box. She would get through her mark to shoot hard and low to up lead to two. The Lady Knights used midfield possession while Bombers depended on physical play and long balls. Bobillo would possess in the center and distribute wide again to Pannell. Early cross was sent low and far post for a very active Martin moving inside. Defender cut in front and kicked a back clearance into her own goal. CC would take 3-0 lead with only 3 shots on goal. Physical play would result in ref giving yellows to two captains in an attempt to calm down the sides. Rens’ Senior Graves would get her 7th opportunity of the half on change of possession with under 4 minutes to play. After a wet ball mishandle from goalie and confusion on defense allowed play on, she was able to tap in her second chance, after first hit the post, and deny a shutout.  Bombers kept 4 of 12 on goal, off target on their distance shots. 21 players saw field time for the Knights, who had  5 of 8 on goal with many additional dangerous opportunities. Both Ulrey and Sutton had 3 saves apiece. Julie Blichmann led defense with 3 stops. 

Just over 4 minutes into the half, Pannell would again attack endline. Deeper possession towards the goal would free up easy drop for Gerrety clinical finish and 4-1 lead. Many missed opportunities for CC as they looked for easy goals but the wet field and ball challenged final touches. Knights possession and goals would frustrate Bombers as physical play escalated. CC effort was rewarded in 53rd minute as Pannell again beat her defender and sent low ball across the goal mouth. Gerrety would dummy ball through on her near post run with Bobillo waiting for finish at the far post and 5-1 lead. Patience deep on the right side with Martin would set up offensive possession by the Knights. Ball was reversed with 6 short passes with Bobillo to Schafer to end up with Pannell on the left. Strong right footed shot took spinning deflection off defender but enough to get by Sutton for five goal lead. Lots of extra varsity time for Knights who made the trip. Despite official’s attempts to calm the frustrated Bombers, Senior captain Bulington would earn a straight red card on overly physical late challenge vs Weber and Rennsalaer would play down 10 v 11 the remaining 15 minutes. Most unfortunate since Bulington will have to miss first sectional game for the Bombers. Again numerous creative opportunities from the Knights were not finished on the cold and wet pitch, keeping the final score at 6-1. Bombers had 3 of 8 shots on goal in 2nd half with Ulrey finishing game with 6 saves. Sutton would earn 5 more saves facing 8 of 10 shots on goal from the Knights and all goals were assisted. Ulrey had 8 defensive stops in the box while Hutzel and Riehle each had 7 to pace the defense, wide in the back. CC led in corners 4-1 while Renssalaer led in fouls whistled 11-3. Knights had two yellows and Bombers had a red and yellow.