Girls Junior Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer · Trojans vanquished as Lady Knights win battle 8-0

Coming off their first win vs Taylor, Tri-Central hosted CC as the rain clouds moved away for game time. The Knights wasted little time pressuring in front of the Trojan goal. Gerrety played a good feed for Presutti inside the box. The ball bounced poorly on the uneven pitch and defender’s attempt at clearance resulted in her own goal in the 5th minute. Two minutes later, Gerrety would find Pannell on opposite post and after a control touch, she drilled near post to beat keeper and push lead to 2-0. Despite working into the wind, Knights kept pressure at Tri-Central end. In the 16th minute, ball went wide to Pannell who then dropped a pass and ball was reversed. Bobillo would set up Dana Blichmann as defense and goalie scrambled. Shot was kept low and across the goal through traffic to roll in for 3 goal lead. CC would have 12 of 19 shots on goal but final touch was often cleaned up by Ripberger in goal. Siemers would end up with saves of both TriCentral shots. Bobillo led defense with 4 stops.

Second half CC had the wind and TriCentral would have difficulty punting or sending long balls on the defense. Only 3 minutes into the half, Knights attacked wide with Martin who made endline run and played drop to Gerrety for easy finish. In the 48th minute, Bobillo would release Pannell wide and distant shot with sun at her back would find top corner far post. Gerrety would start next play in the center outside box. Harkcom showed well from striker than attacked wide left to beat her defender. Her drop was low and controlled but crossed the goal before Martin could keep in play  and send back  to top of the box. Defender deflection dropped back to Gerrety where she shot hard and low to finish. At the midpoint of the second half, Pannell would loft a corner over Ripberger and Martin crashed to tally and finally give Pannell a well deserved corner assist. In the final minute, Pannell lofted another high corner in front of goal. With multiple Knights charging, defender’s attempt at clearance would deflect backwards for another own goal, yielding the final 8-0 results. Ulrey earned saves on both of Trojans second half shots. CC would end game with 28 of 36 shots on goal and Ripberger had 20 saves and at least as many stops controlling her box. Bobillo would finish game with team leading 9 defensive stops and after two shut outs, Lady Knights’ defense will carry 191 shutout minutes into Lebanon tourney on Saturday. Game winner credited to Pannell with assist from Gerrety as the first earned Knight goal.